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Scott O'Leary
Scott O'Leary

Scott is an avid technologist with 20 years of customer service leadership, 35 years of gaming passion, and the vision to make Rivalcade a success. Scott has extensive experience working both in technology start-up environments and for Fortune 500 companies. Scott has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts, and a Master's degree in Information Technology from Bentley University.

Mike Kelley
Michael Kelley

Mike is a 20 Veteran of the Event Marketing Industry and the COO & EVP at an Event Marketing and Promotions Agency. During Mike's executive tenure, his agency won more than 10 awards for outstanding work for their clients and received recognition as a pioneer in the industry. Mike has a BS in Sports Management from the University of Massachusetts.

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Rivalcade is an esports entertainment company that revolves around the “Live the Battle” lifestyle brand. Our presence is online, on tour, and around the corner. We engage fans with amazing branded experiences, competitions, and content.

Rivalcade's mission statement from the beginning was to provide a consistent, high end, competitive gaming experience for both professional and amateur gamers alike. That inclusive Pros and Joes approach, combined with a unique competitive spirit forged by years of competitive sports, creates tremendous value.

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